Bonus Material

Liberators Yahoo Group: A gathering place for gamers of South American Independence.  Bonus files, message board, photos of collector's armies and other South American related images and links to helpful gaming sites.  A great community for meeting other gamers, exchanging ideas or answering questions.

Liberators Blog: A site to find out the latest "behind the scenes" news from Grenadier Productions.  What I'm working on, thoughts on the project and period and posts on other sites that inspire and inform my work on Liberators.

The Flag Dude: A site that provides flags for the Liberators! Miniatures range.  They're slow in updating their catalog but they have designs.  Send them an e-mail, tell them you saw this link on the Grenadier Productions website and they'll know you're looking for South American flags.

Evil Bob's Painting Service: A US painting service if you want someone to paint your figures for you.  Despite his name, Bob is a very nice guy and does very good work.

Zach Haydt: Zach paints my Liberators! Miniatures.  He does outstanding work.  In the catalog the British/Irish Legions, Royalist Infantry (Command), Llanero/Peasant Infantry and Llanero/Peasant Cavalry were all painted by Zach. Highly recommended!

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